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Swastik ,Peacock & Feather Rakhi Set


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A “Swastik, Peacock & Feather Rakhi Set” sounds like a beautiful and unique combination of rakhis.

The Swastik symbolizes auspiciousness, prosperity, and good fortune. It’s often considered a sacred and positive emblem,        including a Swastik rakhi in the set could carry the blessings of auspiciousness and positivity for your brother.

Peacock is associated with different deities and symbolizes beauty, grace, and immortality. Including a peacock-themed rakhi might convey a sense of elegance and cultural symbolism.

Feathers can symbolize a range of concepts, including freedom, spirituality, and connection with nature. In the context of a rakhi set, a feather-themed rakhi could represent a bond that’s as light as a feather, signifying a relationship of care, love, and protection between siblings.


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